Restart Startup Nation: FAST

Restart Startup Nation: FAST

Pre-Seed and Seed Funding
in 9 Days

Investing in the next wave of Israel's top founders.

The submission period is now closed.

How FAST Works

FAST represents a new SLA for fundraising.

  • Decision within 9 days
  • Money in your bank within 3 weeks
  • $20M allocated. First come, first served
  • Simple financial contract, standard terms the Founder chooses $1.5M - $3M SAFE investment depending on FAST type
  • Transparent - you know the deal terms and where you are in every step of the process
  • Founders who receive FAST funding join the NFX Guild, our portfolio of 400+ top Founders who support each other
  • If you've interacted with NFX within the past 12 months and didn't receive funding, please highlight the business improvements made in your application for reconsideration.

To apply:
Create a private BriefLink which includes a deck, a video and answers to 12 questions.

What companies are most likely to get funded by NFX?

Investing in the next wave of Israel's top founders.

NFX invests in a broad range of sectors including AI, TechBio, Marketplaces, Fintech, Proptech, Games, Networks, Climate, Consumer, B2B, SMB software, enterprise software, etc. See our existing portfolio to get a sense.

Like all investors, we have investment preferences and areas of focus that you should know about. For instance, we strongly favor companies that can have network effects (NFX). We focus on companies located in Israel, US, LatAm, and Europe.

We don't focus on these sectors: semiconductors, medical devices, pure pharma, pure hardware, ingredient companies, AdTech, pure e-commerce, IoT, GovTech, weapons, offensive cyber security, and network devices.

Learn more about what each NFX Partner is interested in by visiting their Signal profiles: Gigi Levy-Weiss, Omri Amirav-Drory, Morgan Beller, Pete Flint, and James Currier.

Here are some essays we've written on fundraising.


What does FAST stand for?

What are the investment terms?

Which kinds of companies should apply?

How do I apply?

How do I increase my odds of getting investment from NFX?

Who sees my application?

Are investments first come, first served?

How can NFX invest so quickly?

I applied. When will I hear back?

How long will the FAST initiative last?

Will FAST Founders be treated the same as the other NFX portfolio companies?

Is this an accelerator?

Is this a new financial instrument like a SAFE?

About NFX

NFX is a Pre-Seed and Seed venture firm based in San Francisco and Israel. As Founders ourselves, we built 10 companies with more than $10 billion in exits. These exits spanned multiple industries and geographies. We invest, build software, and distribute content to help early-stage Founders unlock speed, defensibility, and edge.